Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion

22nd JMAF Award-winning program

I Castelli Animati presents the winning films of the XXII edition of “Japan Media Arts Festival”, the prestigious award organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs – Government of Japan, dedicated to works from all over the world. This program includes the winners of Animation and categories. A unique chance to discover the new trends of the world production.

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The Little Ship

MOVIE DETAILS Title: The Little ShipCountry: RussiaDuration 5:31Awards:New Face AwardSynopsis: This is a story about a girl and her friend – an elephant. They spend together all the time, but childhood ends sooner or later. CREDITS Author: Anastasia Makhlina

Penguin Highway

MOVIE DETAILS Title: Penguin Highway Country: JapanDuration: 1:30Awards: Excellence AwardSynopsis: Aoyama-kun, a fourth-grader, has a crush on One-e-san who works as a dental assistant at a dental clinic. One day, he witnesses One-e-san throwing a Coke can that transforms into a penguin. Can Aoyama-kun find out how this penguin is related to One-e-san? This is […]

Okko’s Inn

MOVIE DETAILS Title: Okko’s InnCountry: JapanDuration: 1:30Awards: Excellence AwardSynopsis: Okko is a 6th grade girl who spends her time learning to become the innkeeper of her grandmother’s inn, “Haru no Ya”. With the help of the ghost Uribo and her other peculiar friends, she slowly learns to fill the shoes of her new role. This […]

Doragon Pilot – Hisone&Masotan

MOVIE DETAILS Title: Doragon Pilot – Hisone&Masotan –Country: JapanDuration: 1:25Awards: Excellence AwardSynopsis: “I will fly with you through the sky.” Hisone Amakasu is a rookie stationed at the Air Self-Defense Force’s Gifu base. Throughout her life, Hisone felt as if her honest personality continually led her to hurt the feelings of the people around her. […]

Discrete figures

MOVIE DETAILS Title: Discrete figures Country: JapanDuration: 3:00Awards: Excellence AwardSynopsis: Dance performance generating bodily expression through mathematical / collective intelligence-based methodology. With AI and machine learning offering new insights into the body schema and movement, numeric data and analytical results derived from it inform the choreography. CREDITS Author(s): Manabe Daito / Ishibashi Motoi / Mikiko […]

The Girl Without Hands

MOVIE DETAILS Title: The Girl Without HandsCountry: FranceDuration: 1:30Awards: Excellence AwardSynopsis: The Girl Without Hands is a feature-length animated film that breathes new life into the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the same title published in the very first edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which the Grimm Brothers compiled in the beginning of the 19th […]


MOVIE DETAILS Title: Datum Country: JapanDuration: 1:17Awards: Excellence AwardSynopsis: Pioneering video work utilizing symmetric handling of space, color and time integrated in high-dimensional space. CREDITS Author(s): Hirakawa Norimichi

Am I a wolf?

MOVIE DETAILS Title: Am I a wolf?Country: IranDuration: 8:13Awards: New Face AwardSynopsis: The students are performing a theater called “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats”. Everybody has a role. They are totally taken in by their roles in a way that the boundary between reality and acting rarely can be distinguished. Meanwhile, the child […]


MOVIE DETAILS Title: InvisibleCountry: JapanDuration: 13:14Awards: New Face AwardSynopsis: Depicting waning presence and invisibility: A nameless, forgotten man has turned invisible and is fading from existence. Can the effervescence of life be restored to this invisible man in a single animated short film? Those around him take no notice of him… No longer able to […]

La chute

MOVIE DETAILS Title: La chuteCountry: FranceDuration: 14:22Awards: Grand PrizeSynopsis: A short animated film inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy Inferno. As the celestial beings descend to the Earth and begin destroying the activities there, disturbing the world’s order and creating chaos. Initiated by these terms, a tragic fall leads to the parturition of the crucial […]

Tomoyasu Murata – Stop Motion Animation

I Castelli Animati presents, in collaboration with Japan Media Arts Festival, Overseas Promotion (Agency for Cultural Affairs – Government of Japan), an original program dedicated to Tomoyasu Murata, Master of Stop-Motion technique, to discover a not widely known, but very interesting, side of Japanese animation. Murata employs puppet animation in an expressive way, allowing viewers to experience it with their eyes, ears, sense of touch and even through the air. He has consistently strived to express the idea of mujo, or impermanence, which is a very beautiful concept to the Japanese. Among Murata’s works, a series of short films created after the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011.

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A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up

MOVIE DETAILS Title: A Branch of a Pine Is Tied upCountry: Japan 2017Duration 16:32Synopsis: 3rd episode in a series themed after The Great East Japan Earthquake – “Travel through Memories about Life & Death.” Twins are separated by a tsunami. A snow globe connects the present and past. While traversing between these two periods, one […]

Family Deck vol. 1/2/3/5/6

MOVIE DETAILS Title: Family Deck vol. 1/2/3/5/6Country: Japan 2007Duration 21:56Synopsis: The Takadas run a barber shop in east Tokyo. This family of four includes the parents, a boy in elementary school, and a girl in junior high. As the Seven Lucky Gods (or kami, meaning both “hair” and “gods”) living in the shop play tricks on […]

Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom

MOVIE DETAILS Title: Okinamai / Forest This Flower BloomCountry: Japan 2014-2015Duration 11:05Synopsis: 1st episode in a series themed after The Great East Japan Earthquake – “Travel through Memories about Life & Death.” An amnesiac wolf traces his past and escapes from hunters who are after him. Okina appears as a narrator who speaks of the […]