Author(s): Max Hattler

Producer: Max Hattler


This movie is in competition for:  INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION



Title: Matter and Motion

Title Eng: Matter and Motion

Country: Hong Kong

Production date: 06-2018

Duration: 02:15

First work: NO


Subtitles: None / Nessuno

Technique used: Digital animation, After Effects

Film Synopsis ITA:

Creazione di movimento, trasmissione di energia, combustione cinetica. Collaborazione audiovisiva tra il compositore Lux Prima, il regista Max Hattler e un gruppo di animatori della School of Creative Media della City University di Hong Kong.

Film Synopsis EN:

Motion creation, energy transmission, kinetic combustion. Audiovisual collaboration between composer Lux Prima, director Max Hattler, and a group of animators from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.


Biography: Max Hattler is an artist and academic who works with abstract animation, video installation and audiovisual performance.
He holds a master\’s degree from the Royal College of Art and a Doctorate in Fine Art from the University of East London.
His work has been shown at festivals and institutions such as Resonate, Ars Electronica, ZKM Center for Art and Media,
MOCA Taipei and Beijing Minsheng Museum. Awards include Supernova, Cannes Lions, Bradford Animation Festival and
several Visual Music Awards. Max has performed live around the world including at Playgrounds Festival, Re-New
Copenhagen, Expo Milan, Seoul Museum of Art and the European Media Art Festival. He lives in Hong Kong where he is
an Assistant Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.

Filmography: Serial Parallels (HK/DE 2019, sound: David Kamp) ? (DK/UK/HK/DE 2019, sound: Antony Ryan, Sune Petersen) Matter
and Motion (HK/UK/DE 2018, music: Lux Prima) Divisional Articulations (HK/DE 2017, music: Lux Prima) Five (HK 2017,
co-directed with Team Five, music: Gustav Mahler) III=III (HK/DE 2016, sound: Jean-Gabriel Becker) Spring Energy
(HK/DE 2016, silent) Shapeshifter (HK/UK/DE 2016, sound: Jean-Gabriel Becker) All Rot (UK/DE/HK 2015, 4’00”,
sound: Matthias Kispert, Max Hattler) —O| (VE/UK/DE/HK 2015, sound: Abilio Salmerón, Edgar Moreno, Max Hattler) The
Many Faces of Fernando Pessoa (BE/DE/HK/UK 2015, 2’00”, sound: Martins Strautnieks) Short of the Week: Prismatic
(HK/DE 2015, 0’05”, sound: Max Hattler) Model Starship: Unclear Proof (UK/IT/DE 2014, installation loop, sound: Alexey
Devyanin, Eduardo Noya Schreus A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very
Short Period of Time (RU/UK/DE 2013, 2’15”, sound/music: Julien Mier) Unclear Proof (UK/IT/DE 2013, 0’45”, sound:
Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord) Stop the Show (aka WAR) (UK/ES/DE 2013, 1’00”, sound: Oeo, Max Hattler) Constant
Sky (UK/RU/DE 2013, 11’00” fulldome 360° film, sound: Eduardo Noya Schreus) X (UK/DE 2012, 6’00”, sound:
Eduardo Noya Schreus) Model Starship (UK/DE 2012, 0’40”, sound: Eduardo Noya Schreus) Catch (UK/DE/JP 2012,
4’00”, co-directed with Noriko Okaku, music video, music: The Egg) Nidden Partikel (UK/LT 2012, 1’00” loop, sound:
Max Hattler) Shift (UK/DE 2012, 3’00”, sound: David Kamp) RE:AX (UK/DE 2011, 1’30”, sound/music: Eduardo Noya
Schreus) VIS Festival Trailer 2011 (UK/DE/AT 2011, 0’55”, music: schmid) L’Ombelico del Mondo (UK/DE/IT 2011,
6’00” / variable length, concert visuals, music: Jovanotti) Sync (DK/NL/UK/DE 2010, 9’00”, sound: Dennis van Tilburg)
Your Highness (UK/DE 2010, 3’00”, sound: Xavier Collet) Spin (FR/UK/DE 2010, 3’55”, sound/music: Eclectic) 1925
aka Hell (DK/UK/DE 2010, 2’00” / loop, sound: Blake Overgaard) 1923 aka Heaven (DK/UK/DE 2010, 2’00” / loop,
sound: Adrian Dexter) Catch (UK/DE/JP 2009, variable, co-directed with Noriko Okaku, concert visuals, music: The Egg)
Nothing (UK/DE/JP 2009, variable, co-directed with Noriko Okaku, concert visuals, music: The Egg) Where’s Your Head
At (UK/DE 2009, 6’00”, concert visuals, music: Basement Jaxx) AANAATT (UK/DE/JP 2008, 4’45”, music: Jemapur)
ET1: Anticipation (UK 2008, 0’20”, TV ident, music: Richard Martin at Envy) IKEA: House or Home (UK 2007, 1’00”,
commercial, sound: 750mph) Drift (UK/DE 2007, 3’33”, music: Mark Bowden) Mount Allen (UK/DE 2007, 3’40”, music
video, music: Economy Wolf) Theme for Yellow Kudra (UK/DE 2006, 3’05”, music: Economy Wolf) Striper v0.1 (UK/DE
2006, 0’30”, sound: Pablo Gav) Collision (UK/DE 2005, 2’30”, sound: Max Hattler) Nachtmaschine (UK/DE 2005, 3’00”
director’s cut / 4’00” original, music: Hellmut Hattler) Everything Turns (UK 2004, 1’15”, sound: Max Hattler) To Bed
(UK/DE 2003, 3’00”, co-directed with Martin Heaton, music video, music: Hellmut Hattler) Alpraum (UK 2001, 5’00”, codirected
with Martin Heaton, sound: Alex Marten)

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