Author(s): Mario Addia

Producer: Mario Addis


This movie is in competition for:  INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION



Title: Ego

Title Eng: Ego

Country: Italy

Production date: 01-2018

Duration: 05:06

First work: NO


Subtitles: None / Nessuno

Technique used: 2D computer

Film Synopsis ITA:

Da dove veniamo? Chi pensiamo di essere? Il film Ego cerca di rispondere a queste domande partendo da un’intuizione: e se non fossimo altro che un respiro in mongolfiera?

Film Synopsis EN:

Where do we come from? Who do we think we are? The film Ego tries to answer these questions starting from an intuition: what if we were nothing but a breath in a balloon?


Production: Studio Mario Addis

Biography: Mario Addis (Sassari,1961) is a cartoon film director. He has worked for such talented directors as Roberto Benigni, Enzo
D’Alò, Dario Fo. His work includes the opening credits for Roberto Benigni feature film \”The monster\” (1994), the
commercial series \”Fai la cosa giusta\” (1992, Winner at Annecy for Best Advertising Film), the animation sequences for
feature film \”The fever\” with Vanessa Redgrave and Angelina Jolie (2004), the Tv movie \”Robin Hood\” with Veronica

Filmography: 2014 \”Pene e Cruditè\” (Nude and Crude), short 2013 \”Robin Hood raccontato daVeronica Pivetti\”,Tv movie 2011
\”Casse Rurali Trentine\”, commercial (Special Star Award Mediastars 2012) 2008 \”Fornarina Urban Beauty\”, videoinstallation
in \”Carrousel du Louvre Paris\” 2007 Opening credits for documentary \”Un principe chiamato Totò\”,by
Fabrizio Berru

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