Author(s): Leonardo Carrano Alain Parroni

Producer: Leonardo Carrano


This movie is in competition for: INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION



Title: Medea

Title Eng: Medea

Country: italy

Production date: 01-2018

Duration: 3′ 00”

First work: NO


Subtitles: None / Nessuno

Technique used: encausto di acido su pellicola vetrificata 35mm

Film Synopsis ITA:

MEDEA è un’opera alchemica che vive di materia e luce, una jam session cinetica-pittorica che si fonde perfettamente con l’improvvisazione jazz, creata espressamente su composizioni suggestive e metaforiche, in grado di restituirci una realtà magmatica e cristallizzata.

Film Synopsis EN:

MEDEA is an alchemical work that lives out of matter and light, a kinetic-pictorial jam-session that perfectly melts with jazz improvisation, created expressly on suggestive and metaphorical compositions, that is able to give us back a magmatic and crystalized reality.


Author(s): Leonardo Carrano Alain Parroni

Producer: Leonardo Carrano

Production: Leonardo Carrano

Biography: Leonardo Carrano (Rome, 1958). After studying at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts, he started his career as a painter
and graphic artist. In 1980 he got his first prestige recognition with the Lubian Prize awarded by Renato Guttuso. Since
1992 he has been working with experimental animation cinema. His works, resulting from the combination of different
techniques and languages, experimental and half-way between the abstract and the referential, soon attracted the
attention of critics and were selected for major festivals in Italy and abroad (The Film Festivals in Venice, Rome, Locarno,
Montreal, Paris, Zagreb, Casablanca, Shanghai, Beijing, Milan, Naples and Palermo). His animated films have frequently
been broadcast in some RAI programmes such as “Blob” and “Blob cose mai viste”. In 1994, we provided the digital
scenography for the Fininvest program L\’ANGELO. In his work, Carrano has also collaborated with well-known and
popular composers like Sylvano Bussotti, Giorgio Bastianelli, and Ennio and Andrea Morricone, Marco Colonna, Massimo

Filmography: Noiselevel (2002, digital, col., 15’); Aeterna (2006-12, digital, col. and b/w, 58’). Jazz for a massacre (2014, digital col.
15’); Macula (2018, digital col. 18’).

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