Author(s): Lisa Fukaya

Producer: Tim Leborgne


This movie is in competition for: INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION



Title: MIMI

Title Eng: MIMI

Country: Denmark

Production date: 09-2018

Duration: 4:17

First work: NO


Subtitles: None / Nessuno

Technique used: 2D computer

Film Synopsis ITA:

MIMI ha un brufolo per la prima volta. Ha paura di essere diversa dalle altre ragazze ed è a disagio con coloro che sono diversi da se stessa. Per questo motivo, inizia a imitare altre ragazze intorno a lei.

Film Synopsis EN:

MIMI has a pimple for the first time. She is afraid of being different from other girls and is uncomfortable around those who are different from herself. Because of this, she begins to mimic other girls around her.


Production: The Open Workshop

Biography: Lisa Fukaya is an Animation Artist based in Tokyo.

Graduated from the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, where she studied Stage and Performance design.

She has previously worked at a music video studio as Assistant Director. She has also been freelancing as a graphics designer.

Filmography: Rabbit Tales (2016)

2018 – the Bilbao International Animation Community Festival / Screening

2017 – Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

Film In Competition

2017 – Animac’17 the Int’l Animation Film Festival of Catalonia

Film In Competition

2016 – 12th Kichijoji Animation Film Festival / Film In Competition

Animation Runs! Vol.16 / Screening

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