Author(s): Dario Bonito, Lorenzo Dal Prà, Filippo Notarnicola, Adriano Pellegrino, Daniele Scalabrin, Matteo Bozzolan

Producer: IED





Title: Nest 05

Title Eng: Nest 05

Country: Italy

Production date: 06-2018

Duration: 03 min 30 sec

First work: YES


Subtitles: None / Nessuno

Technique used: 3D Animation

Film Synopsis ITA:

Metra, oggetti misteriosi sparsi sul pianeta, rappresentano l’ultimo retaggio di un’antica civiltà ormai estinta. Sfruttando la potenza di una di esse, una nuova razza è riuscita a superare le altre, ma l’energia a loro disposizione sta per esaurirsi. Per far fronte al pericolo imminente, ad un tipo speciale di automa è affidato il compito di esplorare il mondo esterno, alla ricerca di un nuovo Metra come fonte di energia.

Film Synopsis EN:

Metra, mysterious objects scattered on the planet, represent the last legacy of an ancient civilization now extinct. By harnessing the power of one of them, a new race has managed to rise above the others, yet the energy available to them is running out. To cope with the impending danger, a special type of automaton is entrusted with the task of exploring the outside world, looking for a new Metra as an energy source.


Production: IED

Biography: Dario Bonito born on 25/01/1994 in Vimercate (MI). Graduated from the Itis “Alessandrini” of Vittuone as an IT expert. Degree CG-Animation – IED (2015/2018). Passionate about cinema and video games, I decided to enroll in the CG Animation course at IED in Milan to turn my passion into a job. Lorenzo Dal Prà Lorenzo Dal Prà born 10/25/1991 in Milan (MI). High School Diploma “A. Manzoni ”by Magenta (2005/2010) Degree CGAnimation – IED (2015/2018). Filippo Notarnicola Filippo Notarnicola born 11/11/1992 in Conversano (BA). ITC Diploma “San Giovanni Battista de la Salle” (2006/2011). Degree CG-Animation – IED (2015/2018). I decided to graduate from CG Animation thanks to my passion for video games and during the course I became passionate about 3D as well. Adriano Pellegrino Born on 12/19/1995 in Bari (BA). High school diploma “Quinto Orazio Flacco. Degree CG-Animation – IED (2014/2018). Always passionate about cinema, medicine and new technologies, I chose the CG animation course to become master of 3D sculpture and character creation. Daniele Scalabrin Born on 21/07/1995 in Rho (MI). Traditional scientific high school diploma “Claudio Cavalleri”. Degree Sound Design – IED (2015/2018) Driven by curiosity and new technologies, I chose the Sound Design course because it combines my interests between music, art and innovation. Matteo Bozzolan born on 01/20/96 in Borgomanero (NO). Graduated from the E. Fermi high school in Arona. Degree CG-Animation-IED (2015/2018). Since I was a little lover of video games, movies and photography I chose to undertake the CG-Animation course because I felt this path very similar to my passions.

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