Author(s): Martin Smatana

Producer: FAMU – Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, BFILM s.r.o.




Title: Pouštět draka

Title Eng: The Kite

Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland

Production date: 01-2019

Duration: 13:10

First work: NO


Subtitles: English subtitles

Technique used: puppet

Film Synopsis ITA:

L’ estate sta arrivando alla fine, il frutto sta maturando sugli alberi. Il nonno dà a suo nipote un aquilone. Mentre il ragazzo viene lanciato in aria, il nonno lo prende. Quindi le foglie cadono e il nonno si è indebolito. Un forte vento autunnale lo porta nel cielo nuvoloso. Arriva l’inverno, poi la primavera. Una brezza calda li riunisce di nuovo. Detto con immagini incantevoli e riccamente strutturate, questa storia parla di ricordare coloro che non sono più con noi.

Film Synopsis EN:

Summer is coming to the end, the fruit is growing ripe on the trees. Grandpa gives his grandson a kite. As the boy is tossed around in the air, Grandpa catches him. Then the leaves fall and Grandpa has grown weak. A strong autumn wind carries him off into the cloudy sky. Winter comes, then springtime. A warm breeze brings them together again. Told with enchanting, richly-textured images, this tale is about remembering those who are no longer with us.


Biography: Martin Smatana (1991, Slovakia) finished his master degree of Animation at FAMU, Prague. During his bachelor studies
he completed an intership in Nukufilm studio in Tallinn, Estonia. For 5 years he was leading workshops of animation for
children. His debut film Rosso Papavero was premieted at Berlinale 2015 Generation Kplus and won 13 international
awards. In January 2019 he finished his graduation stop-motion film for children The Kite. The Film has been already
awarded by the first prize at Animarkt Pitching Forum 2017 in Lodz, Poland.

Filmography: 2015 – Rosso Papavero Awards: 2nd place winner – Animation – Chicago Shorts Festival – ILLINOIS, USA 2nd MENTION
– EXPOTOONS International Animation Festival – ARGENTINA LOCOMOCION 2015 – Ludotechnique Creative Trigger
Award – MEXICO The World Animation Celebration – Student Stop Motion – USA Honorable Mention – Anim!Arte – 12th
International Student Animation Festival – BRAZIL and 8 other awards from different festivals Festivals: BERLINALE –
Berlin International Film Festival 2015 – GERMANY The Melbourne International Animation Festival – AUSTRALIA FEST
New Directors | New Films Festival – PORTUGAL FANTOCHE 2015 – SWITZERLAND CINEKID European Short
Animation Film Competition – THE NETHERLANDS and more than 100 others 2019 – The Kite

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