Author(s): Sergei Kibus

Producer: Kerdi Oengo, Andres Mänd


This movie is in competition for:  INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION



Title: Teofrastus

Title Eng: Teofrastus

Country: Estonia

Production date: 01-2019

Duration: 15:00

First work: NO


Subtitles: None / Nessuno

Technique used: clay animation

Film Synopsis ITA:

Una storia di libertà e compassione, ambientata nell’Estonia sovietica degli anni ’80, vissuta da un gatto e raccontata dal suo proprietario. Cat Teofrastus vive una vita senza fissa dimora in una stazione ferroviaria. Un giorno, gli viene offerta una casa da una famiglia che vive in una casa di campagna vicina. Tuttavia, la vita felice è di breve durata quando il gatto viene portato nella grande città e si perde per le strade. Teofrasto tornerà alla felicità?

Film Synopsis EN:

A tale of freedom and compassion, set in the 1980s Soviet Estonia, as experienced by a cat and recounted by its owner. Cat Teofrastus lives a homeless life at a train station. One day, he is offered a home by a family living in a nearby countryside house. However, the happy life is short-lived when the cat is taken to the big city and gets lost on the streets. Will Teofrastus find his way back to happiness?


Production: OÜ Nukufilm

Biography: Sergei Kibus (1987) is a director, animator and cinematographer. He studied photography at Tallinn Polytechnic School
and studied media and film directing at Baltic Film and Media School. He has written and directed short fiction and drama,
and worked as a cinematographer with different documentary productions

Filmography: The Women of Muhu Island” (60’, Sabat Film 2014, EstDocs jury prize). Since 2013, he has worked as a
cinematographer in Estonian stop-motion animation studio Nukufilm, having been involved with multiple productions such
as “Eternal Hunting Grounds” (Medieoperatørene, Nukufilm 2015) and “Morten on the Ship of Fools” (in progress),
“Miriam Hen’s Dream” (2016) and “Miriam by the Lake” (2017). He worked as director of photography on Riho Unt’s
new film “Maria and the Seven Dwarfs” (in post-production). His latest documentary film “Toys and Totems” (30’, Sabat
Film 2017) uses a blend of animation and visual documentary storytelling, and he worked on it as a co-director,
cinematographer and animator. Starting from 2016, he also teaches photography and video editing at Tallinn School of
Economics. He is a member of the Estonian Documentary Guild and co-owner of the independent film studio Sabat Film.

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