Author(s): Boyoung Kim

Producer: Nayoung Kim


This movie is in competition for:  INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION



Title: The Levers

Title Eng: The Levers

Country: South Korea, USA

Production date: 10-2018

Duration: 9:24

First work: NO


Subtitles: English subtitles

Technique used: 2D Computer

Film Synopsis:

Un ragazzo accetta un’offerta di lavoro da uno sconosciuto per strada. È soddisfatto del salario per questo semplice lavoro, fino a quando non sente strani suoni dietro le tende.

Film Synopsis EN:

A guy accepts a job offer from a stranger on the street. He is satisfied with the wages for this simple job, until he hears strange sounds behind the curtains.


Production: Motion K

Biography: Boyoung Kim is a Korean animator, graphic designer and independent filmmaker. She is the creator of animated short
films, including Replacement, Impersonation, Prey and The Levers. Currently working on a new animation \”A guitar in a
bucket\” (working title).

Filmography: Replacement (2013) IndieAnifest – Independent Walk Award Impersonation (2013) Seoul Metro International Short Fest –
Seoul Metro & Berliner Fenster: Grand Award Hongkong International Mobile Film Awards – Grand Award & Animation
Gold Award Disposable Film Festival – Animation Special Award Black Movie – Fair Winds Prize Prey (2015) Hongkong
International Mobile Film Awards – Animation Bronze Award Krok Animation Festival – Jury Diploma for Design \”Intrigue
& surprizing Climax\” Sapporo International Short Film Festival – Best Mini Short The Levers (2018)

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